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1. Can I E-File a summons or similar document requiring the Clerk to issue? (i.e. Writ of Garnishment, Writ of Replevin, Notice of Action, Subpoena, Default, etc.)
2. Can I E-File Proposed Orders for the judge to review and sign?
3. Can service requests such as copy work, certified copies, or a record search be E-Filed?
4. Does the attorney have to send in paper follow up?
5. What is the procedure for E-Filing documents that may contain confidential information?
6. Should I electronically submit the Certificate of Sale and Certificate of Title through the E-Portal?
7. What should I do if I receive a "Case Number provided can't be verified" error message?
8. For returns of service, does the summons (or other originals) need to be included or just mentioned in the Return of Service Affidavit?
9. How do we handle the return of service back to the party who requested service?
10. Will court reporters still need to provide a paper transcript for appeals and depositions?
11. How should the "Read and Sign" deposition transcripts be filed?
12. If mental health related paperwork must be filed within 72 hours, do we use the emergency checkbox?
13. If a filing is due for a court appearance the next business day, do we file it in court, E-File it, or both?
14. Do I need to file documents not related to the case file, such as an invoice?
15. If we have 35 returns of service, do we have to file these individually?
16. Can HIPPA documents be E-Filed without the data being redacted?