2022 Strategic Update

Dear Polk Residents:Clerk Butterfield and IT Manager in Clerk Data Center with racks of electronics

We continue to rapidly progress into the future. I am constantly reminded that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. Last year was certainly no exception. We phased out of the pandemic stage of the COVID-19 virus, and we were able to resume many of our in-person services and events. The pandemic was a challenge and hard for all. However, it spurred significant technological advancement that has greatly enhanced Clerk services and the convenience of accessing them. We will continue to foster this advancement into the future while we strive to provide our community with the best service possible.

Clerk & Comptroller Strategic Goals

Clerk's Strategic Goals: Access, Engage, Serve, Protect
  1. Access
  2. Engage
  3. Serve
  4. Protect

Increase access and continue development of a paperless courthouse through technological advancement

Since 2012, the Clerk’s office has consistently made efforts to be a thought leader among clerks state-wide in implementing technology to allow convenient, efficient access to services. Ultimately our goal is to become a fully paperless courthouse, and we're passionate about collaborating with Clerks throughout Florida to harness the latest cutting-edge technology to provide services in the most convenient method possible. 

Find My Courtroom

It can be an intimidating experience navigating the 10-story courthouse. Our new Find My Courtroom app helps customers quickly find their courtroom location and hearing time with ease.

Historic Deed Modernization & Preservation of First Deed Book

The office launched the final phase of its efforts to digitize all county deeds. This phase includes the digitization of deeds from 1861 to 1956. With the completion of this project, all deeds ever recorded in Polk County will be viewable online. The Historical Deed Index was also digitized and posted online for public use. Along with this, the first deed book in Polk County was fully preserved to ensure the significant historical artifact is available in perpetuity.

Criminal Justice Data Transparency

Statewide, agencies have been working together to make it easier to access criminal justice data. The initiative involved a tremendous undertaking to devise a way to merge data from hundreds of agencies into a single, user-friendly portal. Through the commitment of all involved, the initiative is now live at www.fdle.state.fl.us/CJAB/CJDT.