2021 Strategic Update

Dear Polk Residents:Clerk on the roof of a parking garage with the Polk County courthouse in the background

It is a tremendous honor to serve as your elected Clerk & Comptroller. It is my duty to maintain public records and safeguard county funds. These services are critical to the stability of our county. From court cases to marriage licenses, buying a home or paying a traffic ticket, my office is deeply rooted within the Polk County community, and the interests of its residents are my top priority. 

This report details these goals, highlights the actions taken to meet them in 2021, and provides a glimpse into the future as we implement changes that will enhance the customer experience at the Clerk's office. 

In 2021 we balanced the continuing challenges brought by COVID-19 with making strides to meet my office's strategic goals. These guiding strategies allowed us to continue adapting to the sudden changes brought by the pandemic while providing reliable service to the judicial system and Polk County community. 

As we continue to weather the storm of COVID-19, we are proud of the accomplishments made in 2021 and look towards the future with hope and excitement. 

The ways we conduct business are changing in every industry. Technology remains central in our daily lives and plays a key role in my office's strategic goal of convenient, efficient access to our services. We continue to implement the latest technology to make it easier than ever to conduct Clerk business. Polk County residents can expect to find more self-help and online services, resources, and tools to help them navigate the judicial system and county government in the near future.

Thank you for placing your trust in my abilities to uphold the duties and responsibilities laid out in the constitution.  I look forward to serving you safely in 2022 and beyond.

Clerk & Comptroller Strategic Goals

Clerk's Strategic Goals: Access, Engage, Serve, Protect
  1. Access
  2. Engage
  3. Serve
  4. Protect

Increase access and continue development of a paperless courthouse through technological advancement

Since 2012, the Clerk’s office has consistently made efforts to be a thought leader among clerks state-wide in implementing technology to allow convenient, efficient access to services. Ultimately our goal is to become a fully paperless courthouse, and we're passionate about collaborating with Clerks throughout Florida to harness the latest cutting-edge technology to provide services in the most convenient method possible. Online marriage applications and implementation of QR codes for easy, hands-free access are just a few of the ways we made access to Clerk services easier.

Online Marriage Applications

This new online service enables customers to begin the process of applying for their marriage license, saving them time when visiting the Clerk’s office. Once the application is complete, couples will need to appear in person to complete the process within 90 days. View the app on our marriage page. 

QR Codes

QR codes aren't new, but the new ways they can be used are endless. With the arrival of COVID-19, making access to services as low-contact as possible has become crucial to balancing public safety and access to services. QR codes are a simple tool that serve an incredibly useful purpose--  getting the information you need quickly and safely. 

By including QR codes at our information desk and in the documents we produce, we've given you access to the services you need while keeping public health a top priority.

By the Numbers: 2021 in Review

1,725,947 documents filed in 2021
4,651 marriage license applications issued in 2021
107,357 jurors summoned in 2021
$11.23 million collected in traffic fees in 2021
334,656 phone calls received in 2021
6,387 passport applications processed in 2021