Driver Licenses

Check the Status of Your Driver's License

The State of Florida has a site where you can find out if your license is valid by just entering your license number. If your license is not valid, a brief explanation of why and some instructions will display. Not all invalid license issues can be dealt with by the Clerk's office. Some may involve the Department of Motor Vehicles, and for others, you must contact the Clerk for the county in which the violation occurred. Check the status of your driver's license

Reinstate Your License

If your license is suspended for failure to pay court fines in Polk County and it has not been sent to a collections agency, you may pay the fine amount owing plus the assessed delinquent fee online or at one of our office locations in Bartow, Lakeland or Northeast. View the Court Payments page for further instructions. The Clerk's office can assist you in reinstating your license for those that the Clerk issued, except for those dealing with child support and financial responsibility. For these cases, you will need to go to a driver license office for reinstatement, and a reinstatement fee will be required.

Get Your Driver's License Transcript

Residents can purchase copies of their driver's license transcripts, which contain the driver's history information, from the Clerk's office. This service is available at one of our locations

Either a three-year history transcript or a seven-year history transcript may be purchased for a fee. A person can only request and/or purchase their own driver license transcript and must present a valid form of identification with both a valid picture and signature.