Court Hearing Updates

If you are attending a court hearing via virtual means, view the virtual/video courtroom appearance instructions. For more details about court cancellations and rescheduling, contact our office or the 10th Judicial Circuit. 

  1. Essential & Critical Proceedings
  2. Non-Essential Proceedings & Non-Critical Proceedings
  3. Rescheduling Canceled Proceedings
  4. Presence of Children at Shelter Hearings
  5. Weekender Program
  6. Continuance of Fines &/or Court Costs

Essential & Critical Proceedings

Essential and critical proceedings will continue to be conducted remotely unless the presiding judge deems it necessary to conduct the proceeding in-person. Essential proceedings include, but are not limited to:

  • Criminal arraignments, as necessary
  • Critical proceedings related to the state of emergency or the public health emergency, include but are not limited to proceedings related to:
    • Enforcement of curfew orders
    • Violation of orders to close a public or private building
    • Violation of orders to limit travel
    • Violation of quarantine or isolation
  • First appearance
  • Hearings on motions to set or modify monetary bail for individuals who are in custody
  • Hearings on petitions for the appointment of an emergency temporary guardian
  • Hearings on petitions for extraordinary writs as necessary to protect constitutional rights
  • Hearings on petitions for risk protection orders
  • Hearings on petitions for temporary injunctions relating to the safety of an individual
  • Hearings to determine whether an individual should be involuntarily committed under the Baker Act or the Marchman Act
  • Juvenile delinquency detention hearings
  • Juvenile dependency shelter hearings