Jury Duty

Jury Information for Monday, July 26

*If you have a summons for another date, please check back after 5 p.m. the night before your summons date for your reporting instructions.


Juror numbers 1275996 to 1276500 must report to Bartow at the time designated on your summons. All jurors must complete the juror questionnaire prior to arriving for service.

Northeast / Winter Haven 

Juror numbers 1279000 – 1279099 are excused and should not report for jury duty.

  1. Check Your Jury Duty Status
  2. Parking
  3. Excusals & Postponements
  4. What to Expect
  5. Security Procedures & Prohibited Items
  6. Attire - Dress Code
  7. Payment for Jury Service
  8. Juror Qualifications
  9. Resources
Stacy Butterfield posing in juror box with text that thanks jurors for their service.