Request a Record

Before requesting a record, please note that you can get an unofficial (uncertified) copy of many of our records for FREE by using PRO (Polk Records Online).

The Polk County Clerk's Office uses PIER (Public Information & Electronic Records) to manage all public records requests.  If you'd like to receive an official (certified) copy of a record please visit the link below.

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Public Records Custodian


Custodian of Public Records
Contact Information

Attn:    Records Custodian, Polk County Clerk of Court
P.O. Box 9000, Drawer CC-18
Bartow, Florida 33830
Phone: (863) 534-4000

Any written notice under §119.12, Florida Statutes, should be sent to the above-referenced address.  If you are unable to locate a desired record online or through PIER or would like to make a request for records held in the custody of the Polk County Clerk of Court, please mail or email your request to the Records Custodian at the address provided above.