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SCAM ALERT: Jury Scams Threaten Polk County

Polk County Clerk of Courts Stacy Butterfield warns residents of jury-related scams that are circulating the area.Jury Scams

Residents are receiving threatening calls that there’s a warrant for their arrest because they failed to appear for jury duty. Scammers tell residents they must pay a fine or provide personal information to avoid arrest.

Recent callers claimed to be officials from the Clerk of Courts office or Sheriff’s office, but Clerk Butterfield cautions they could also pose as officials from other agencies.

“First and foremost, never provide personal information to an unfamiliar source,” Clerk Butterfield said. “Scams continue to target our community and play-off people’s intimidation of law enforcement and the court system. It’s important to scrutinize every inquiry, no matter what agency it claims to come from. Hang up or delete a message immediately if there’s suspicion of fraud, and contact the organization through its official phone number to verify the previous communication.”

Arrest warrants are not issued for failure to report for jury duty. If a resident does not appear for duty, the individual receives a failure to appear notice in the mail from Chief Judge William Bruce Smith, Tenth Judicial Circuit.

The Clerk’s office does not call residents to verify information related to jury duty, nor will any other agency. Official communications are sent by mail.

Residents can search active arrest warrants on the Sheriff’s website at, but they should contact the Sheriff’s office for official confirmation.

If residents encounter scams, they should write down as much information about the encounter as possible, and contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 863-298-6200.

For more information about jury duty, contact the Polk County Clerk of Courts Jury Department at 863-534-4568, 534-4569. Information is also available online at For other Clerk-related inquiries, contact 863-534-4000 or visit

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