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Criminal Records Search

The following case information is available for Felony, County and Municipal Ordinance violations and Misdemeanor cases: court proceedings, progress docket, disposition dates, and case status.  Please refer to the prospective department for payment information.

Case records currently available for review are as follows:

  • Felony beginning with the year 1991
  • County Ordinance beginning with the year 1991
  • Criminal Traffic beginning with the year 1991
  • Non-Criminal Infraction beginning with the year 1991
  • Misdemeanor beginning with the year 1991
  • Municipal Ordinance beginning with the year 1991  

By using this service, you agree to the terms of use listed here.

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PLEASE NOTE: Should you have difficulty finding your case, it may be necessary to broaden your search criteria to achieve your desired result.  We recommend entering as much information as available and removing criteria to broaden your search as necessary. 

Example: Begin your search by entering SSN, Last Name, First Name, DOB, and Court Type. 
If you get no search result, enter Last Name, First letter of first name, DOB, and "All"  for Court Type. 
Please note that entering only the Last Name and First letter of first name may exceed the maximum number
of hits viewable at one time (100 cases).

Our office has put together a glossary of criminal terms, for your convenience.

If you have difficulties in using this service, please verify that you meet the system requirements. If you continue to have difficulties or if you wish to suggest changes, please contact us.

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