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Civil Records Search


To read the posted notices regarding online records and to request removal of social security numbers, death certificates, military records, as well as other records as provided in section 28.222, Florida Statutes,  please click here.

For our public users:
As a result of a desire to protect the public against identity theft and concerns regarding privacy issues, the Clerk's Office has removed public Internet access to family civil court records only. General civil case information is still available by selecting the Civil Records Search link below.  You will not be able to view and/or print images from this link. 

By using this service, you agree to the terms of use listed here.

Small Red Arrow Right Click here to access civil records search.

Are you a member of the legal community?   Access records here.

Search Instructions:

  1. Select Court.
  2. Select to search by either Party Name, Case Number, or Filing Date.
  3. Complete the corresponding information. Please note: Names must be last name then first name.
    Please do not use a comma.
  4. After receiving your search results, click on the case number to get detailed information about the case.

Once you have completed your search, you can perform another search or return to the previous screen by using your browser's "BACK" button. Copies of public records are available at the current statutory fee. To determine the cost of a public records document filed in Family Law, contact us.

If you have difficulties in using this service, or if you wish to suggest changes, please contact us

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